“We at Shift Forex founded the firm on the premise we could help transform the industry. We’ve seen dramatic change since our first days in FX and continue to see progression as we work with our clients and partners. For being the largest asset class, FX is relatively young in its evolution. Innovation and adoption of improved best practices, market access, technology, pricing, and the growing size of the ecosystem are continuing to make the industry better for the participants, and the end users. There is much growth and change to come, and we are helping others be in the best position to prosper from it.”



Ian McAfee is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Shift Forex. Ian brings a deep knowledge of FX markets in industry analytics and metrics, marketing strategy, and business development. At Shift, Ian enables clients to increase market penetration, build global business development strategy, increase conversions at each stage of the marketing-sales cycle, and integrate new products and services. He manages and optimizes large marketing budgets and advises on sales, marketing, and operations. He also established Shift’s Start a Broker program, working with many clients to plan, launch, and grow forex and CFD brokerages. Prior to founding Shift Forex, Ian was with FXCM, where he led numerous large-scale business development initiatives; managed and optimized marketing campaigns; and worked on projects in sales, trading, and market research. In addition, Ian assisted in founding a global forex education operation.

Matt Miller is a co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Shift Forex. Matt contributes extensive experience in forex management and IT strategy consulting. At Shift, Matt assists clients with enterprise-wide systems implementations; CRM management; systems training; sales optimization; organizational growth efforts from startup, through the value chain, to international expansions. At Shift, Matt has taken his understanding of large-scale, enterprise processes and applied them to the rapidly growing forex space, allowing Shift to offer scalable solutions to its consulting clients ranging from entrepreneurs to top-tier brokers in the industry. Prior to founding Shift Forex, Matt was with Ernst & Young Advisory performing large-scale CRM implementations, change management projects and strategy design for Fortune 50 clients including Dell, National Grid, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Sony of America and Citizen’s Bank. Prior to E&Y, Matt worked for Accenture, a leading IT and strategy consulting firm. While at Accenture, Matt served clients on a variety of process improvement projects in data management, IT systems optimization, sourcing and data analytics.

Anthony DiSanti is a co-founder and managing partner of Shift Analytics. Anthony provides a deep knowledge of FX markets in digital marketing optimization, custom analytics solutions, and multi-channel marketing strategy. At Shift, Anthony applies his extensive experience with forex marketing and technology to clients, enabling them to increase return on ad spend, develop more sophisticated lead scoring solutions, integrate new analytics services, and increase conversions at each stage of the marketing-sales cycle. He has managed and optimized global marketing budgets across all digital and offline channels, and he has advised industry participants on marketing and ad operations. As a technology expert, he has advised brokerages on building custom analytics solutions and integrating enterprise systems. Prior to founding Shift Analytics, Anthony was with FXCM, where he founded the marketing analytics team, constructing models and analytical frameworks for all advertising channels; developed proprietary tracking technologies; and led the cross-functional web optimization team. Prior to that, Anthony worked in FXCM’s business development department and focused on developing new market segments.


Shift provides a dynamic, highly entrepreneurial work environment, where the best ideas prevail. We work in the global foreign exchange market, which is the largest in the world. The firm and its clients are constantly searching for innovative products, marketing, technology and liquidity ideas to help them compete better. If this environment is compelling and consistent with your skill set and experience, please contact us.